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Brand introduction:


Sandrine Guguen AKA Sandy had a vision, a dream that one day she would create her own personal children clothing brand, to bring joy and smiles to little boys and girls of Vietnam.  Simply a “Happy Brand”, through vivid colors, lively humor, fashionable wears to enchant all of these carefree spirited youngsters.

With many years of experience in the apparel industry, her flair in quality, and her genuine love for children, Sandrine has created the concept of Kids@Paris, that is unique and on the leading edge of children fashion in Vietnam.


A little bit of history:


High-quality design is on the demand by Vietnam society, particularly urban parents, who love dressing up their kids in trendy wear. Kids@Paris offers just that at an affordable price.

Kids@Paris is made with love with the designs and concepts of French creative designers, using only the very best in fabrics found in South East Asia and aproduction made by our own factories here in Vietnam. Kids@Paris is always being nurtured with the very best that fashion can bring.

On June 2015 the kids@Paris brand finally saw life in the eyes of the children that proudly wore the clothes for the first time. Sandrine and her team have created an attractive brand, which speaks to all parents and children.


What we aim for:


Our quest is to make all children smile, and helping moms and dads create a fashionable universe where their kids will look and feel good about themselves. We provide unique styles with the trends of today and tomorrow, which are designed to meet the demands of your children. For us happiness is a journey that starts with a smile upon a child face.

All designs are carried out in our offices in Hanoi Vietnam by a team of talented, highly skilled designers who get their inspiration from what they see locally all around them, as well as global trends happening internationally.

The choice of cloth design, fabrics used and graphic patterns are inspired by what we see all around the world, on the catwalks and on the streets of Vietnam. Every single piece of clothing from each theme mixes and matches well together, to bring sophisticated styles.


“Kids@Paris brings its French touch and its love for Vietnam to shake up and inspire Vietnamese fashion.”

featured product label
featured product label