Điều Khoản Điều Kiện


1.1 We are ASEAN-LINK (VIETNAM) CO., LTD. Our office is 51 Tô Ngọc Vân, phường Quảng An, Quận Tây Hồ, 10000 Hà Nội , Việt Nam. Transactions through webpages www.KIDSATPARIS.com, www.KIDSATPARIS.vn and subsidiary companies, joint ventures and the Office, unless otherwise stated (hereinafter referred to as "KIDSATPARIS" or "we").


1.2 These terms and conditions are applicable to the products sold on the web site www.KIDSATPARIS.com. When agreeing to purchase, you accept to be bound by the legal terms and conditions.


1.3 These terms and conditions are our intellectual property. Any other third party use, whether a part quote, with the purpose to exchange, trade goods and/or other services is strictly prohibited. Violations will be processed according to the law.


2. Definitions

2.1 In these terms and conditions:

a) "Account" means the account which you need to login to from our web site if you wish to purchase;

b) "Working day" means the day of the week except Sunday, or any holiday in Vietnam;

c) "Contract" means the order of one or more of the product according to the terms and conditions to be agreed in accordance with Article 6.2 below;

d) "You" or "customer" means any individual ordering on the Web site KIDSATPARIS.COM;

e) "Order" means an order placed by you on the site to purchase products from us;

f) "Notice" means the email of KIDSATPARIS.COM sent to you to inform you that we have received your order;

g) "Order Confirmation" means we will email you to confirm your order as specified in rule 6.2(b) below;

h) Referring to the words "terms" means the terms and conditions in this terms and conditions;


2.2 The headlines are only for reference and not affect the interpretation or the structure of the terms and conditions;


2.3 The words expressing the singular always includes the plural and vice versa. The word gender includes the gender and those related persons including individuals, companies, corporations, or venture;


2.4 The words "include" or similar means no limit.


2.5 This agreement has been drawn up in the English language. In case of discrepancies between the Vietnamese version of this agreement and English translation, the English version shall prevail.


3. RULES on the CLIENT

To purchase on KIDSATPARIS.COM, for credit card or bank transfer payment methods, guests must be at least 18 years old and own a bank credit card or debit card issued by a Bank which we accept.

To purchase on KIDSATPARIS.COM, for cash on delivery payment methods, guests must be at least 18 years old and have a direct mobile phone number or valid contact number provided during the registration process when ordering.



You must not misuse the purpose of the site. We do not agree or encourage criminal activity, the transfer or distribution of viruses includes but is not limited to the type of Trojan, worm, logic bomb, or other materials posted to the site that may pose a risk to the system engineering; or breach of confidential information or any method offensive or obscene; or find a way to hack into any of the services; damage to the database; affect users; compromise legitimate interests of any individual; send any videos or promotional materials; or intended to affect the performance or functionality of any computer equipment which are accessible through the site. Any violation of this provision is to be considered criminal based on the 1999 criminal code of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (article 224, 225 and 226 of the Criminal Code). In the event of violations, KIDSATPARIS may report the violation to the law enforcement agencies concerned and take appropriate legal measures to remedy.



5.1 These terms and conditions apply to all orders and contracts that have been or will be taken by us for the trade and supply of products. The terms of this Conditions & Terms form the entire agreement between the customer and KIDSATPARIS and supersedes any and all of the agreements that exist at the same time between KIDSATPARIS and customers. Terms of cancellation in the terms and conditions is valid only when made in writing and signed by authorized officers of KIDSATPARIS.

5.2 When you submit the order to us, give us the information to deliver or receive goods, this is considered an official agreement to the terms and conditions. No terms and conditions here affects your statutory rights (including the right to request the goods purchased from the enterprise in accordance with the description of it, in accordance with the purpose of use and meets the quality requirements).

5.3 These terms and conditions will control any provision by you. Any condition you sent, proposals or regulations in any way at any time, either sent by text, via email or verbally, will be abandoned and excluded.

5.4 Any terms or other changes to the terms and conditions are not binding unless accepted in writing signed by us.



6.1 Register

(a) When ordering, you have to create a personal account on the site, and you must follow the instructions on the Web page about how to order and give out changes to this information for the next order before sending delivery instructions to us through the site. At the same time you should have his/her information updated frequently by notifying us of any changes, by using the site's related sub menus links from within your account.

(b) You must not misuse the purpose of the web site by creating multiple accounts.


6.2 how is the formation of the contract

(a) The information to be provided by the terms and conditions and other details on the site do not form offers these are just offerings. No contract of any kind is formed between KIDSATPARIS and the customer until you receive KIDSATPARIS‘s reply (by email) to accept the proposed contracts (accepted orders) for your order to be conducted successfully (according to article 21, the Decree52/2013/ND-CP on electronic commerce).

(b) We will not be delivering until the order is accepted by us. Acceptance will be notified clearly to you via email, with the e-mail subject "Order confirmation" stating that we accept your order. Unless we say that we accept your order, all email, mail, fax or any notice of recognition for other orders send to us or by you is purely for the purpose of providing information and not means to confirm the order. In recognition, we can give you the number of orders and information of the product that you have set. According to the order, we may refuse to accept your order for any reason, including not having to offer or provide to you other products (in this case, we will ask you to send back orders).

(c) To submit orders, you will be required to follow the guidelines of the online shopping process Web page. Then you will receive an email entitled “Payment confirmation” as a confirmation of your order.

(d) Orders can only be said accepted by you the customer when orders are delivered to the delivery address which you supply upon purchase.

(e) The contract relates only to those products that we send to you. If your customer order is more than one product, then the product can be delivered to you, the customer, in packages varying at different times.

(f) When you submit an order on the site, you agree to these terms and conditions at the time of order. You have the responsibility to review the latest terms and conditions on the web site for each order you make.

(g) Until our acceptance of customer orders, we reserve the right to refuse to proceed with the order, and you have the right to cancel the order. If you or we cancel the order before we have accepted your order, we will promptly refund any amounts of the money that would have been for payments by credit card or debit card to order it.


6.2 Price and method of payment

Although we try to ensure that all details, descriptions and prices shown on the website are accurate, sometimes there will be some faulty cases. If we detect an error about the price of any product you have ordered we will inform you as soon as possible and send you an e-mail “Price Adjustment on your Order” to confirm the order with the correct price or cancel the order. If we cannot contact you, we will automatically cancel the order. If you cancel the order before we have shipped to you, and you have paid for the order currently in question, we will refund payment.

(a) In the case of application, product prices are inclusive of value added tax and in Vietnam Dong. Shipping charges will be added when applicable, additional cost will be clearly displayed and included in the "Shopping Cart Total".

(b) We have no obligation to make your order, if the prices shown on the site are inaccurate (even when we have confirmed your Order).

(c) You may pay by choosing the billing partners who are listed on our home page or payment when you receive the item. At the same time you can pay all or part of the payment orders using discount coupons from KIDSATPARIS.COM

(d) To minimize the risk of unauthorized access, we will encrypt your credit card or ATM card data. When we receive your order, we will ask for permission to access your card to ensure that the card has available a sufficient amount to complete the transaction. The order will not be confirmed until the completion of the checkout process. Your card will be deducted the amount of money when we send you that we confirm your order. The card must be able to check the confirmation and authorization by the card issuer. If we do not receive the required authorization, we will not be liable for any delay or non-delivery.

(e) when the customer arrives to the payment step, by clicking on the button "I confirm my order" or “Order”, you are confirming that the card is owned by you, and you have the full legal right to use the gift card or electronic promotion coupon and have sufficient credit to pay the full value of the product and shipping costs. For Cash on Delivery option you are confirming that the contact information provided are correct and you intend to pay the full value of the product and shipping when the courier arrives to deliver.


6.4 misplaced mistake orders

If you recognize a mistake with your orders after you have submitted via the website, please contact customersupport@kidsatparis.com immediately. We will try our best to make your request.


6.5 refused orders

(a) We may withdraw or disable any of the products on the website at any time and/or remove or edit any materials or content on the site. We will try to always be able to carry out all orders but will probably have exceptions where we need to refuse to make an order after we have sent the confirmation of the order, and at the same time, it is also in our interests at our sole discretion to do so at any time.

(b) In the case we cancel orders and you have paid for your order, we will refund the entire amount that you have paid to us.

(c) We are not liable to you or any third parties about worries indirectly or directly introduced as a consequence arising from the fact that we have withdrawn any product from the site, whether such products have been sold yet or not for sale, or remove or edit any materials or content on the site or refuse to execute or accept orders.



7.1 We will deliver the product to the location that you requested in your order. In case you wish to change the delivery address once the order is shipped an additional fee of VND 7.000 will be add.


7.2 We will be delivering in the time mention in our delivery policy. We will not be able to determine the exact delivery date when you made your order, which is reflected in the order Confirmation. We always try to deliver goods within 3 to 5 working days from the date you ordered but we cannot guarantee a fixed delivery date.


7.3 We will let you know if we have a delay in delivery but by the extent permitted by law, we will not be responsible for any losses, liabilities, costs, damages or charges resulting from late delivery.


7.4 When the goods are delivered, you will be required to sign for delivery note. Please check the product for any faults or damage before signing the deliver receipt. You should keep the receipt carefully, in case you need to talk with us later about the product purchased.


7.5 Please note that there are some places we will not be able to deliver to. If that happens, we will notify you via the contact information that you provided when you ordered and arrange to drop off your order at the nearest post office.


7.6 We package by our standard packaging (polybag). You can select a FREE gift wrapping on the product selection page (before to add to cart). If you request an optional gift box packaging it incur additional charges. Please see more info: http://kidsatparis.com/en/content/4-gift-wrap-and-gift-box-services


7.7 The risks and responsibility shall be borne by you when the goods have been delivered, unless the delivery is delayed because you violated the obligations spelled out in the contract, the risk and responsibility shall be transferred on the date of delivery. Since all risk of the product is handed over to you at that point in time, we will not bear any responsibility for loss or damage of the product thereafter.


7.8 You must be careful when receiving products to avoid damaging it, especially when using any sharp or blunt objects to open.


7.9 You must ensure that you are willing to get the goods without any delay whatsoever and on any reasonable time that we have suggested.


7.10 If you cannot be present to receive your order at the first delivery attempt, we will reschedule delivery within 2 times. After 3 delivery fails, your order will be hold at the nearest post office for 7 days. Afterward parcel will be send back to us. Order will be cancel and refund except delivery fee.


7.11 You are responsible to ensure that the product fits the needs and meet the individual requirements of the customer. We do not guarantee that the products will meet most of the requirements of individual guests. You should know that every product undergoes standard quality control rather than specialized custom production to meet the entire requirement that you may like.



If you wish to cancel an order, please contact Customer Support Department at the number +84915005428. Customers do not have to pay any fees to cancel orders until the order is not shipped. Once the item has been sent by you, it will not be considered cancelled until the product has be returned to the company according to the instructions given by the Customer Service Department. Full item price will be refund except delivery fee.



9.1 If you are absolutely not happy about your purchase, you may return the product to us within seven (7) days from the date you receive the item. The product must not be used, the product must also have attached any printed labels on the product, and the product must be wrapped in original packaging. This policy is applicable to all Kids@Paris products.


9.2 you must make sure that the products are sent to us with the same status as when the product is received. Customers are responsible to keep in proper condition to the packaging according. In case the product is returned to us in the condition that is not suitable, we have the right not to accept the returned product and to have the product sent back to you.


9.3 We offer refund and prepaid goods returns services to ensure that guests can experience shopping online with us in the best way possible. Please refer to “free return stamps” in the parcel sent to you. If you do not find the prepaid stamps for shipping returns, please call our Customer Support Department at the number +84915005428.


9.4 you can make returns to us by post.


9.5 using your pattern of delivery for returning your product, the package must be well received and accepted at our warehouse within five (5) days after receipt of your order to the post office. We will refund to you in a short time when we receive the product, according to the method you specified on the return payment voucher; the method you prefer accepting your refund. For more details please refer to the frequently asked Questions section (FAQ) (http://www.kidsatparis.com/faq/)



10.1 all descriptions, documents, images or text; information regarding the product on the site is provided as is and do not express nor imply in any way or other of a means of ensuring the stat in which goods are received.


10.2 product images on the site may differ somewhat from the real product that you receive.


10.3 If the product you received is faulty, please contact the Customer Care Department and provide the order number, your name and address, details of the product and the reason for return. You should also mention whether you wish to be paid back or receive your replacement product (same style, same size).


10.4 After receiving the product, we will check and we will inform you about your rights to have items replaced or refunded (if available) via email as soon as possible.


10.5 in the event of products being returned non-defective, we may at our sole discretion decide to not repair, replace or return the product to you and we may require you to pay a fee to cover shipping and appropriate services according to the current standard fees and charges on credit card or your ATM/debit card, using the payment information you sent to us when setting up the order, by the extent permitted by law. We will not be liable to you for any loss, liability, costs, damages, charges or expenses as a result of that.



11.1 You may use promotional coupons to pay for the products on the site. Each order is allowed to use only one (1) coupon per purchase. Once those orders have been paid, you can no longer use those coupons again. Details for the coupon promotions are regulated in article 11.7 and for electronic gift voucher in article 11.8 below.


11.2 If you have coupon promotions, voucher that can be used by other people you can give the right to use the coupons for that person.


11.3 In cases of fraud, deception or the suspected illegal acts related to the purchase of coupon or redeem reward points of coupons on the site, we reserve the right to lock your account personal and/or request a different payment method.


11.4 We do not take responsibility for any loss, theft, neither nor accept blurry letters on the coupon or faded coupons.


11.5 in a number of cases, KIDSATPARIS can pause or cancel any promotion vouchers, gift vouchers or electronic gift vouchers that would have been granted before and will not be responsible for any loss of any of this.


11.6 conditions for redeeming points of promotional coupons:

(a) From time to time, we may release promotional coupons that can be used on KIDSATPARIS.COM to which we will send to customers via email. The promotional coupons that can only be used on our site.

(b) The promotion voucher is only valid for use within the time period listed on the voucher. These can only be used once and cannot be used with the other promotional coupons. 

(c) If you buy products with lower value than the value of the promotion coupon, we will not refund or credit the remainder to you.

(d) Credit of promotional coupons cannot accumulate interest or be converted into cash.

(e) If your credit is not enough using promotion voucher to buy products that you desire, you will require you to pay the difference through other payment methods.



12.1 The content shown on this website is provided without any guarantees, conditions or warranties regarding its accuracy. Unless expressly stated otherwise, and to the extent permitted by law, Kidsatparis and distributors, content providers and advertisers hereby declares expressly to be absolutely free of all conditions, warranties and other terms which might otherwise be implied by statute, common law or the law of equity and is not liable for any damages whatsoever, including but not limited to any direct, indirect, special, consequential, punitive or incidental damages, or for the use, profits, data or other intangible assets, damage to reputation or prestige, or the costs of purchasing goods and services, arising out of or relating to the use, inability to use, performance, failure of this Web site and any material posted, regardless of such loss is foreseeable or arising out of the contract, equity, compensation, according to the law, under the common law or vice versa.


12.2 nothing in these terms and conditions shall exclude or limit liability for death or personal injury arising from negligence of KIDSATPARIS, fraud, misrepresentation and misleading presentation as a fundamental matter nor any other liability which cannot be excluded or limited under applicable law.



You agree to waive, defend, and hold KIDSATPARIS harmless, including affiliates and any directors, officers, employees, contractors, or agents of KIDSATPARIS, from any costs (including attorneys' fees and court fees based on the compensated), fines, penalties, the compensation for damage, and the accounts payable, which arise from, is said to arise from the continued use of the site or breach of these terms and conditions.



14.1 we will perform our obligations under these terms and conditions with the care and professional skills.


14.2 we are very concerned about customer satisfaction. You can contact us at any time by using the contact information in section 1.1 in the mentioned terms and conditions. We will try to solve your problem as soon as possible and will contact you when we receive any questions or complaints that are relevant. In case of warranties that are relevant to the manufacturers, this will require to spend much more time to resolve questions or complains.


14.3 in the event of a complaint, it will help us a lot if you can describe the product which you would like to complain about in as much detail as possible. And if possible, send us a copy of the order or the order number that we have provided to you in the order or Order Confirmation. If you do not receive a response from us within 5 working days, please contact us again. In rare cases, your email will be sent to our junk mail so we would not receive complaints or correspondence that we send, you will not receive.



Please look through our privacy policy, which is also a part of the terms and conditions.



16.1 we will not be responsible for any violations, hinder or delay in the performance of a contract due to any cause beyond our control, including and not limited to natural hazards and any inevitable accident, the actions of third parties (including and not limited to hackers, the suppliers, Governments, Government agencies, multinational agencies or the local government), insurrection, riot, civil war, war, Government hostilities, warlike operations, national emergency cases, terrorism, smuggling, persecuted, imprisoned or limitation of competent authorities, strikes, epidemics, fire, explosion, storm, flood, drought, weather conditions, earthquakes, natural disasters, accidents, breakdown of machinery, software of a third party, interruptions or problems with the supply or provision of public utilities (includes electricity, telecommunications, or Internet), lack or inability to obtain products, materials, equipment, or shipping transport ("force majeure event"), even for those cases that can be foreseen.


16.2 Either you or we may terminate the contract immediately by written notice to the other party to know when the "Unforeseen circumstances" lasted 2 days or more. In this case, neither party will be responsible for both parties when the contract is terminated (apart from cases of fare refund payment but have not received the product).


16.3 If we are trading the same or similar products for more than one client and we are not able to fulfill the obligation of delivery for you because of unforeseen circumstances, we have at our discretion the right to make new contracts and to what extent.


16.4 we reserve the right to decide on the solutions we apply fully to meet the obligations under the contract despite the unforeseen circumstances.


17. Notices

Any notices related to the contract will be in the form of text and can be used for personal delivery, prepaid, or certified mail, or by email sent to the postal address or email address, all for the parties concerned.


(a) Any notice sent by post shall be understood to have been made two (2) working days after the same notification was sent if the recipient's address is in Vietnam.


(b) Any notice sent via email will be understood to have been made when the notice is received by email by the recipient's server.


To be able to prove that the service was completed, enough proof is needed in the letter or email sent to the correct address and, if possible, is sent by prepaid service or registered mail or mail notification to be sent.



18.1 all content on the site or provided through our Web site, such as text, graphics, logos, icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads, and link to campaign and aggregate data is property of KIDSATPARIS or its suppliers of content of KIDSATPARIs and are protected by copyright laws and international treaties around the world. All the rights are protected by KIDSATPARIS and owns KIDSATPARIS copyright license. You may store, print and display the content that is provided only for your own personal purposes. You are not allowed to publish, manipulate, distribute or reproduce, in any format, any of the content or copies of the content we provide to you or appearing on the site and you must not use any such content in connection with any business or commercial enterprise.


18.2 in addition, the marks, graphics, logos, page headers, icons, scripts, and service names included are shown on the site or provided through the Web site are trademarks of KIDSATPARIS in Vietnam and other countries. Brand of KIDSATPARIS may not be used with the purpose of relating to any product or service not provided by KIDSATPARIS, in whatever method may be confusing to customers, or in any way disparage or discredit KIDSATPARIS. All other trademarks not owned by KIDSATPARIS to appear on the site are the property of their respective owners.


18.3 Our status (and that of any identified contributors) as the authors of any content on our site must always be acknowledged.


18.4 you are not allowed to use any part of the content of the site for commercial purposes without our permission, or who have licensed to us. In the case of KIDSATPARIS knowing of any infringement of any intellectual property rights, KIDSATPARIS will not hesitate to take legal action against.


18.5 If you print, copy or download any part of our site and that it violates one or more of the terms in this terms and conditions, the right to use the site will be disabled immediately and you must, at our option, return or destroy any copies of the materials you have made. You may not modify, translate, reverse compile, reverse engineer, disassemble or create derivative works based on the software or any accompanying documentation provided by licensor of KIDSATPARIS for KIDSATPARIS.



We will endeavor to comply with any regulations relating to the Web site advertisings issued by the Department of Management and Advertising Standards set forth by the 2012 Law on advertising in Vietnam.


20. The PATH to the WEB PAGE

20.1 you may link to our home page, allowing you to do so, so long as it is legal and does not have the ability to damage our reputation or take advantage of our reputation, you must set a link in some way to suggest a form of approval for association, and whether this is the case or not.


20.2 You must not establish a link to any website that is not owned by you.


20.3 This Site is not to be framed on any other web page, you are also not allowed to create a link to any part of this site, in addition to the home page. We reserve the right to withdraw the permission to allow connections and linking to other sites without notice.



No failure or delay by us or you in the realization of any rights under these terms and conditions or a contract would be considered as a waiver of the rights or an extension or impact the following problems or affect the rights or remedies related to it or change or limit your rights under These terms and conditions or under contract.



If there are any items in these Terms and Conditions or the Agreement that is likely to be declared before any competent court to be invalid or unenforceable, these items will not affect other items or parts of the other items. All items included continue to have effect as long as the terms and conditions or the contract is still in effect.



Nothing in these terms and conditions or in the contract can be used to create collaborative relationships, representation, or denote a relationship between the employer and employee, between you and us.



No individual without in the composition of these terms and conditions or the Contract may require the rights under it or to benefit from the terms of this section. Whether that person based on what items or presented to the side the terms and conditions or the contract has adopted one of the articles of this category.



All the terms and conditions and the contract (and all obligations arising out of the contract or related) will be governed and be interpreted pursuant to the laws of Vietnam. If any dispute arises by the terms of use, you must send the appeal to the Court of Vietnam to resolve.



We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. The amendments will be posted online. However, the continued use of the website will be deemed as your acceptance of the new terms and conditions.

When you submit an order on the site, you agree that you do so subject yourself to the terms and conditions current at the time you submit your order. You are responsible for reviewing the terms and conditions for your order each time you submit.

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